merino wool
Even in the early days of skiing, wearing merino wool has proven its worth. This unique natural material is not only perfect for cold days, but also offers numerous advantages as sports and leisure wear.

Discover the Toni Sailer Merino Styles and
enjoy the benefits of this exceptional material.



    Merino wool is an excellent thermal insulator and ensures that you always stay warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Unlike synthetic materials, it provides natural air circulation. Thus, it regulates the body temperature and prevents overheating or cooling down. Even if you start to sweat while skiing or take a break - merino wool keeps you pleasantly dry and fresh. Thanks to its ability to absorb moisture and actively wick it away from the skin, there is no unpleasant sticky or cold feeling even during sweaty activities. Another invaluable advantage of merino wool is its natural resistance to odor, which is due to its antibacterial properties. In addition, our high-quality merino wool feels incredibly soft on the skin, offers a high level of comfort and is ideal even for sensitive skin.